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Basic Summary of Classical Chinese Chess Rules.

by Elliott Gibson

Rules for the King or Governor in Chinese Chess

The following are the rules for the King:

Rules for the Counselor

The counselor is, like the King, confined to the palace-fortress. He can move one point diagonally.

Rules for the Elephant or Minister

The minister or elephant can move exactly two points in any diagonal direction. This piece can be blocked by another piece on any intervening square, and is not allowed to cross the river.


The horse can move first one point along the horizontal-vertical lines, and then one point diagonally. This is similar to the Knight in traditional Iranian chess. However, the Chinese horse can be blocked by an intervening piece.


The chariot moves exactly as the rook in classical Iranian chess.

Cannon or Catapult

It moves exactly like the chariot or rook when not capturing a piece. But to capture a piece it must have a piece to jump over.

Foot Soldier

This piece can move one point forward. After it crosses the river, it can also move to the right and left. However, it can never move b ackward.

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