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Basic Summary of Japanese Chess Rules.

by Elliott Gibson

Shogi is the Japanese version of traditional Iranian Chess. One major distinguishing feature is that captured pieces can be re-entered onto the board for the opposite side.

Rules for the Japanese King

The following are the rules for the King:

Rules for the Gold General

The Gold General can move one space in one of 6 directions - forwards, diagonally forwards, sideways or backwards.

Silver General

This piece can move one space in one of 5 directions - forwards, diagonally forwards or diagonally backwards


The Knight can move two squares forwards and then one square sideways. It is the only piece that can jump over other pieces.


Can move any number of spaces forwards.


Can move any number of spaces orthogonally.


Can move any number of spaces diagonally and cannot jump over any piece.


Move one square forward only.

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